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Spring 2023


Ellen, Soprano Ones

Music has been foundational in my life (my dad ran a music store and my
mother gave piano lessons). My involvement with music has been more
Two years ago I joined a church choir and I had forgotten how
much I enjoyed singing in a capella choir in college.


After I attended a Tucson Women's Chorus concert last spring, I thought it would be a wonderful experience to sing with a women's chorus as I had done in High School. The experience has been a challenge and a joy. As Soprano 1
section leader I hope to encourage and support the musicianship as well
as the healing singing together can bring.


Leslie Odell, Soprano Twos

I joined TWC in 2008 after I retired.  It has been my first experience singing with a group and I have enjoyed it very much. 

I like seeing the different harmony parts come together in one song.  I like the selection of songs which includes rounds and songs from around the world and popular songs which are organized around a theme. 

This theme is relevant to today’s world and has meaning for us and our audiences.


Before retiring I worked as an elementary school teacher on the Navajo Reservation and the Tohono O’odham reservation.   In retirement, besides singing, I enjoy playing badminton, walking, reading, doing crossword puzzles, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and do-nothing days.


Kim Marsh, Alto Ones

After three Beginning Singing classes at City College and Adult Education in CA, I was encouraged by an Instructor who said I was improving. That is all I needed. In addition, I believed another instructor who said, “Anyone can learn to sing.”


Therefore, I have enjoyed singing casually with friends, and myself until I decided to join the Tucson Women Chorus right before the Covid-pandemic hit the world.


A few years later, we are together again, growing every day, and I could not be happier sharing the joy of singing at Monday rehearsals, and look forward to continued improvement when we sing for the Community of Tucson.


Melody, Alto Twos

Melody is a dedicated singer with many musical experiences, including singing with women's choruses Calliope in St Paul and Windsong in Cleveland, and the Blossom Festival Chorus, the Cleveland Orchestra's summer chorus. She is delighted to participate in Tucson Women's Chorus in her new hometown.


When not singing, Melody enjoys reading and writing, but not 'rithmetic! She opened a nonprofit thrift store in St Paul and likes to prowl around local thrift stores here. She and her husband Charlie are involved with their local Unitarian church's choir. Their cat, however, is not musical at all.

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