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Fall 2023


Ellen, Soprano Ones

Music has been foundational in my life (my dad ran a music store and my mother gave piano lessons). My involvement with music has been more varied. Two years ago I joined a church choir and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed singing in a capella choir in college.


After I attended a Tucson Women's Chorus concert last spring, I thought it would be a wonderful experience to sing with a women's chorus as I had done in High School. The experience has been a challenge and a joy. As Soprano 1 section leader, I hope to encourage and support the musicianship, as well as the healing singing together can bring.


Lori Gal, Soprano Twos

My music career began when my grandmother told me she would pay for piano lessons or ballet class and it was my choice.

I majored in piano at Texas Tech where I met my husband, David, also a pianist and a composer.
After teaching piano for 10 years and general music in the Amphitheater School district for 21 years, I retired in 2020 and sorely needed a new musical outlet.


TWC has been a bright addition to my life and I can’t wait for the new season to start!

Lenore Ballen Alto 1 TWC Section Leader.jpg

Lenore Ballen, Alto Ones

My first experience with Tucson Women’s Chorus was hearing my friends singing at the fall concert in 2022. What caught my attention was the theme, diverse repertoire, and how much fun everyone seemed to have.


As I was drawn to join the chorus, I have since fallen in love with the jovial director, the fun people, and how focusing on new music challenged me, bringing me more attention and presence in the world. 


I feel a sense of community with the choir members as a result of the opportunities for coffee gatherings, potlucks, and sometimes extra rehearsals as needed. This group has totally enriched my life!

Rhishja Alto 2 section leader.png

Rhishja, Alto Twos

I moved to Tucson in 2016 from the San Francisco North Bay. I reconnected with my passion for singing and joined the Tucson Women's Chorus in Spring 2023. In addition to singing, I enjoy experimenting with ambient electronica.

Singing with the TWC provides me with spiritual nourishment and a path to healing. I'm looking forward to a new season of making beautiful music with my singing sisters!

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