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We've got answers to your Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay before I attend a rehearsal?

No, you are welcome to come to a rehearsal and check us out before committing. We do appreciate knowing you are coming in advance so that we have the necessary materials on hand. Let us know you are interested by filling out a Sing With Us form on our TWC Website Tucson Womens Chorus.

What if I don’t know what section I should sing in?

This is a question even for experienced singers because our voices change over time. One approach is to come and try out sections until you find the one that fits your voice. But a better option is to meet with our director. As her time permits, she will schedule times to meet with her to help you determine your range.

What if I want to join the chorus but cannot afford the fee right now?

Sing with us! We do not want to lose the chance to sing with anyone over money. Please let one of the Board members know, and someone will contact you to ask what you could pay comfortably. The arrangement will be made quickly and quietly.

How do I become a member and pay?

We use for registration, communications, keeping a chorus calendar, and for storing music practice tracks.


A chorus administrator can initiate your registration once we have your name, email address, and probable section. Once we do that, Chorus Connection will send you a link and invitation to the site to create your log in.


If you wish to pay by credit card, click on My Account in the upper right corner, and then on Payments. You are welcome to pay the full amount right away, or to pay in four (4) equal installments.

May I pay by check?

Yes, of course! Bring it to rehearsal, or mail it to:
Tucson Women’s Chorus, P.O. Box 12415, Tucson, AZ 85732.


Even if you pay by check, once we record your payment in Chorus Connection, you will be able to log in there and access the practice

Once I have completed the registration and payment process, how do I access the music tracks?

Once you are logged in to Chorus Connection, click on MUSIC in the upper left.


Click on the blue MUSIC button and you will see a list of all the songs for our series. Click on each song to see the tracks. Natalie labels the tracks for the Sections on the tracks, and sometimes there are multiple Sections on a track. S1=Soprano 1; S2=Soprano 2; A1=Alto 1; A2=Alto 2. For some songs, Altos 1s and 2s sing together.


For other songs there may be a separate track for the melody. Natalie will explain these special cases in rehearsal.

What if I have questions about the chorus that the website does not answer?

Fill out a Contact Us Form on our website and someone will respond in a day or two.

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How will I learn the songs if I do not read music?

The proud tradition of this chorus is the happy fact that we can all sing whether we read music or not. Natalie teaches each song, bit by bit in rehearsals. She does this by singing each line of each part, and having us sing it back to her until we have basically learned it. Singers who read music learn by using that ability in rehearsals, as well.

Do I need to practice on my own between rehearsals?

Yes! Even after Natalie teaches a song, we are expected to practice on our own. Listen to the practice tracks, study the words on the song sheets, review rehearsal notes and read music sing with the music sheets in our packets.

Everyone has a week here and there when practice doesn’t happen. But we we just try to catch up in the following weeks.

Are we expected to memorize the music?

In general, yes, our goal is to sing all our program without music in our final performance. Although this always seems daunting when we first see the music for a new series, Natalie works with us to ensure we can be successful.

And always remember that we are singing for the joy of it, and not to make ourselves crazy! If you get worried about this, talk to your Section Leader or one of the Board members for some ideas. Just try to calmly keep practicing, and to let Natalie know when a song is giving you trouble. Natalie sees potential in us that we sometimes don’t see in ourselves. But she will never put us on stage unprepared.

Can I miss rehearsals?

Yes, of course. And if you are not well, as much as we will miss you, we expect that you will not come! And if you miss, you will be able to access an audio recording of the rehearsal on our Chorus Connection site.

But in general, we hope you will attend as many rehearsals as possible. We know other commitments come up. We would appreciate it if you would let your Section Leader know when you are going to miss.

Are there tips that may help me use the practice tracks more effectively?

Funny you should ask! In your packet you will find that Natalie has written in detail about “the holy grail” of practicing!


Who chooses the music?

Our Artistic Director selects a theme for each series, and the music to go along with it. It is also her job to decide how we will sing it. Natalie will occasionally in each series open a discussion or sharing, so that we can think together about the more personally challenging aspects of the meaning of the songs we are singing, and our connection to the theme and the music.

Can singers have input into the music decisions?

Yes, with some caveats. Natalie is a professional, and in choosing each song for a series, she uses the resources and current thinking of her profession, as well as her training, understanding of our chorus mission, and appreciation of us as singers. So once Natalie has set a program of music, members are asked not to use rehearsal time to object or present issues with songs.


However, it is important to us to know if members are troubled by selections. And because we encourage Natalie to be bold and creative in choosing music, occasionally a member may want to express reservations about a song. Please do! Your thoughts matter to us. Please write Natalie and the Board by email. We promise to listen, keeping in mind that Natalie makes all decisions about music.

On the other hand, if you have ideas for future themes or music, share them with Natalie by email!


What are the policies regarding COVID and other infectious diseases?

We ask that singers take care of themselves and fellow singers, not attending rehearsals or performances when they are sick, have been exposed, or may be getting sick.


If by some chance we have a COVID outbreak in our chorus, we will require all singers to mask when we sing together. Otherwise, masks are optional.

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