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Fall 2024


Ellen, Soprano Ones

Music has been foundational in my life (my dad ran a music store and my mother gave piano lessons). My involvement with music has been more varied. Two years ago I joined a church choir and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed singing in an a capella choir in college.


After I attended a Tucson Women's Chorus concert last spring, I thought it would be a wonderful experience to sing with a women's chorus as I had done in High School. The experience has been a challenge and a joy. As Soprano 1 section leader, I hope to encourage and support the musicianship, as well as the healing singing together can bring.


Leslie, Soprano Ones

I was a late bloomer as a singer. In elementary school through high school, I took a few piano lessons and played a clarinet. After college, I taught elementary school on the Navajo reservation and the Tohono O'odham reservation. Most of the primary grade teachers taught the kids one or two songs a month to enrich the language arts program and/or for them to sing in a program. One of the teachers had a book of children's songs in Navajo that we used. I can still remember how to sing in Navajo one song about herding sheep. Singing with the kids boosted my confidence in singing and I thought maybe someday I'd like to sing with a group.


After I retired, a friend noticed how I was always humming or singing. She referred me to another friend of hers who was in the Tucson Women's Chorus. I joined the chorus and was amazed by the camaraderie and joy of singing I found with this community of women.


Lori Gal, Soprano Twos

My music career began when my grandmother told me she would pay for piano lessons or ballet class and it was my choice.

I majored in piano at Texas Tech where I met my husband, David, also a pianist and a composer.
After teaching piano for 10 years and general music in the Amphitheater School district for 21 years, I retired in 2020 and sorely needed a new musical outlet.


TWC has been a bright addition to my life and I can’t wait for the new season to start!


Caitlin Grosse, Alto Ones

Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for music and singing. I sang in a children’s chorus in my home area of Chester County Pennsylvania for 7 years. As I grew older, I unfortunately fell out of music.

When I found the Tuscon women’s chorus in fall of 2023, the memories of my chorus years flooded back to me and the empowerment I felt singing with a group of amazing women hooked me back into my passion. 

I am excited to spread my love of singing as Alto 1 section leader.

Rhishja Cota 2024.png

Rhishja, Alto Twos

I moved to Tucson in 2016 from the San Francisco North Bay. I reconnected with my passion for singing and joined the Tucson Women's Chorus in Spring 2023. 

Singing with the TWC provides me with spiritual nourishment and a path to healing. I love to sing and make beautiful music with my singing sisters!

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