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Who We Are

Mission Statement

We are a multi-generational group dedicated to celebrating all women's voices in a vibrant, reflective, and joyful singing community.
We welcome women of all backgrounds, including LGBTQ, diverse cultural identities, and any level of prior musical experience. We do not hold auditions, and we support singers who learn by ear and/or by reading music.
We take pride in the process of making music together and we embrace musical challenges. We sing to connect with each other and with a wide world of human experience.

Our Core Work

The core work of the Tucson Women's Chorus is to foster community through song. 

We provide a rich musical and interpersonal experience to women from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

Our singers feel:

  • Their voices are valued;

  • They are appropriately challenged by the difficulty of the music;

  • They are given the tools to succeed.


Singing is a powerful way to connect with each other, with audiences, and with an array of histories, communities, genres, and styles, Connections made through singing empower individuals and foster empathy.

To quote one of our singers, "We are an open group  of women singing heartfelt music to uplift the world."

Indeed, singing together means listening to each other, and this as literal as well as societal transformative implications.

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Please enjoy the video below of our resilient women continuing to sing and connect during the height of the pandemic. 

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