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Singing Together!

Our first virtual Summer Sing-Along!

If you've ever been to a summer sing, you know they are fun, funky, and - well, different! For our first all-virtual version, we gathered up your song suggestions (thank you, by the way!) and Wednesday Aparisi from the Middle Highs put together accompaniment so we could sing them together. 

Wednesday will keep her mic on and sing as the leader, and the rest of us will mute and sing along. Sing like you mean it! Like nobody's watching! 

We've got a few songs from previous series, some folk songs, some pop standards, and even a song made famous by a mermaid. It's an eclectic mix and we think you'll like it.

Please join us this Monday, July 13, for SING IT OUT! at 6:30pm for conversation / 6:45pm for singing. We'd love to see your faces (like the screen shot from Happier Hour below)!

Check your email for the Zoom link and a link to the lyric sheet. See you there!


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