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Singing for Justice

With the close of our Fall 2022 series and the beginning of a bright new year, it's a moment of reflection and thanks to all of the supporters of the TWC. We women of TWC felt moved, inspired, and renewed by the opportunity to "Sing for Justice!" in our December 10th concert. As women, many of us have felt the need to speak up for fairness for ourselves, our family members, neighbors, friends. But our chorus mission is also to look beyond our own experiences through music, to seek humbly and respectfully to walk in the shoes of others--people of other histories, neighborhoods, regions, countries, cultures, and languages.

The music Natalie chose for us enabled us to do this. It rattled us, brought us to tears, inspired us to think, connect, and talk together about the meaning of justice. We learned that many of our members work for justice in their everyday lives. Some wondered why we weren’t acting & doing more, and others whether singing for justice was empty. The truth is that Singing for Justice is just the first step in a bigger conversation, an uncomfortable conversation and ultimately, a call to action.

Tolstoy wrote that everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. As a community learning and living this music over these months (including arguing over its meaning and our right to sing it) we learned, saw with new eyes, and were changed.

When we took the stage before the concert, even in our warm-ups, we felt we were something new - a better understanding of the world outside of our own, and of each other. It was remarkable! We believe that this in itself is a small act toward creating a more just world.


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