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All Together Now: Sing!

We came, we Zoomed, we sang, we played - we loved seeing each other's faces! Our last Sing-Along was a blast, and this one will be too. It's next Monday, August 10 at 6:30pm for conversation and singing at 6:45pm.

For this gathering, we're pulling in some old favorites from chorus series past. Four intrepid chorus members will be leading us through warmups and then three sets of songs. They're all short, melodic, and meaningful. Since you'll be muted while the leader sings, you can warble away like nobody's listening (because they won't be!).

We'll also be continuing the (new) tradition of playing a game between rounds of singing. We learned new things about each other and laughed at some really atrocious lies last time. This time, who knows what we'll do?

Chorus members Michelle Yauger, Karin Graham, Darcey Spears, and Tina Query will lead us in warm-ups and then singing together. It will be the same set up as before: the leader sings with their mic on, while everyone else is muted and singing along. A couple of us have done this a few times now, and being able to hear your voice blending and harmonizing with even one other person is truly wonderful. 

Check your email for the Zoom link!

Songs and a lyric sheet are here if you want to brush up!

Here's the lineup:

Tina Query: Warm-ups

Michelle Yauger: "When There is Light", "We Shall Be Known"

Karin Graham: "Deep Blue Sea", "I Have a Million Nightingales"

Darcey Spears: "Lead With Love", "We Are Sending You Light"

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts and lungs for your participation in the chorus!


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