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A Sincere Thank You..

Even as we begin our new Spring series “Rise Up!” we feel we

have not expressed enough gratitude to some friends who quietly and

generously worked to make our December concert such a success.

Shelly Dorsey, Wanda Poindexter, Mike Meyer, and Richard

Laue deserve not only our thanks but also a hero’s designation. Our credit card reader suddenly failed us that night, and somehow, with

people lined up to pay, these four calmly resolved the matter so that

things ran smoothly. Really, what seemed like a certain disaster became

a miracle in their hands. Thank you each so much! Thank you, too, to

Marianna Cacciatore, who welcomed visitors into the sanctuary, and

handed out programs.

Mike Meyer was everywhere: setting up and breaking down the

stage AND acting as house manager AND cello instrumentalist during

the performance. Andrew Killom helped set up the stage, and intended

to play guitar accompaniment, but was needed at home that night

when daughter Stella got sick. Charlie Luepke played very cool

percussion for us, and as always, Jenn Swegle inspired us at the piano.

Thank you each so much!

Finally, we are so grateful to have pictures! On short notice, Ann

Garn graciously agreed to take photos of us on stage during our

preconcert warmup. And Mabel Dean captured lovely moments during

our performance. We could not and would not be with YOU and your support. Thank you.


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