The TWC is on summer break. We start rehearsals the Thursday or Monday after Labor Day, depending on which rehearsal group you prefer, Central or Northwest.

TWC's 2014 Spring Concert 26-Apr-2014

Fall 2014 Series

Rehearsals begin on September 4

Chorus flier
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Fall 2014 Performances

Please join us whenever you can.

Oct ??The Haven “Fun Night”
Nov 23Water of Life Metropolitan Community Church
Dec 6Tucson Botanical Gardens’ “Luminaria Nights”

Detailed schedule...

Spring 2015 Series

Rehearsals begin on January 26 (Central) and January 29 (Northwest)

Spring 2015 Performances

Mar ??The Haven “Fun Night”
Mar ??Women’s Vocal Play Retreat
Apr 11Rancho Resort, Sahuarita
Apr 25Spring Concert

Detailed schedule...

Song Selections from a Winter 2012 Performance

Deck the Hall video
Lift Our Hearts video

Song Selections from the Spring 2011 Concert

Woman Am I mp3  
Alleluia mp3  
Roomph Roomph Round mp3 video
New Birthday Song mp3  
Akanamandla mp3  

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Karleena Ravenwood

Karleena Ravenwood
May 14, 2011


Karleena Ravenwood, Founder and Director of the TWC, was interviewed by Fred Ronstadt for the Fred & Jeff Show that aired on Sunday, October 20, 2013, 11-12pm on radio station KQTH 104.1 FM.

Listen to the interview (mp3: 47 Min, 22MiB).
The interview starts at time 34:16.

Tucson Women's Chorus

Founded in 2002 the Tucson Women's Chorus is an a cappella singing group in Tucson, AZ, USA. The group sings chants, rounds and songs of cultures and traditions from around the world. The emphasis of the chorus is on using the natural voice and learning songs the way our ancestors learned them for untold millennia: by singing them.

The chorus includes women who have sung in other choruses as well as a current majority of women who love to sing and have never before sung in an organized group, or even considered themselves "singers." Performing in community settings is optional, though encouraged.

New members are welcome!

All women and girls (when accompanied by a singing adult) are encouraged to join the chorus. No auditions, sight-reading or experience is required. More. . .

Chorus America Survey: Chorus Impact Study

June 2009: Adults who sing are remarkably good citizens. Here are some examples as proof of that:

  • Choral participation remains strong in America with 32.5 million adults regularly singing in at least one of 270,000 choruses nationwide.
  • Choral singers exhibit higher levels of civic involvement, with choristers almost 3 times more likely to be officers or committee members of local community organizations such as the PTA.
  • Seventy-eight percent of choral singers indicated they "at least sometimes" volunteer their time in their community, while only 50% of the general public say the same.
  • Seventy-four percent of choral singers agree or strongly agree that singing in a chorus has helped them become better team leaders or team participants in other areas of their lives; nearly two-thirds agree or strongly agree that being in a chorus has helped them socialize better in other areas of their lives.
  • Choral singers donate 2.5 times more money to philanthropic organizations than the general public.
  • Ninety-six percent of choral singers surveyed who are eligible voters said they vote regularly in national and local elections; only 70% of the general public cites the same level of participation.
  • Civic engagement also extends to patronage of other art forms, with choral singers at least 2 times more likely to attend theater, opera, and orchestra performances as well as visit museums and art galleries.

Tohono Chul's "Holiday Nights" - Nov 23/24, 2012

May 5 2012

Friends and Family Spring Concert - May 5, 2012

Mar 31 2012

twc at the World Wildlife Fund's "Earth Hour" event - Mar 31, 2012

Spring Concert May 14 2011

twc's Spring Concert - May 14, 2011