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TWC's Spring 2016 Performance 7-May-2016

Song Selections for the 2015 Fall Performance

We thank the following songwriters for their songs that we are performing for our 2015 Fall Series.

JubilateMichael Praetorius
Mele KalikimakaR. Alex Anderson
Sim ShalomMusic: Linda Hirschhorn
Words: Liturgy
Sure As the WindTerry Dash
We Are Stars/ Anach NuKristin Lem
Winter SolsticeLinda Smith Koehler
Within the Shining of a StarMusic: Betsy Jo Angebranndt
Words: Roberts S. Lehman
Arranged: Karleena Ravenwood

Song Selections from a Winter 2012 Performance

Deck the Hall video
Lift Our Hearts video

Song Selections from the Spring 2011 Concert

Woman Am I mp3  
Alleluia mp3  
Roomph Roomph Round mp3 video
New Birthday Song mp3  
Akanamandla mp3  

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Karleena Ravenwood

Karleena Ravenwood
May 14, 2011

From Sally Day (Sep 2015)

I thank you, Karleena.

Your directing has made a big difference to me and to my family as well. I have picked up guitar this year and am playing folk songs almost nightly, and often with my daughter singing along with me. I have to say that before joining your chorus, I don't think I would have had the confidence to do that. Please count me in the crowds of people that you have taught to simply slow down, listen and sing. And in doing so, feel immediately better.


Tucson Women's Chorus

Founded in 2002 the Tucson Women's Chorus is an a cappella singing group in Tucson, AZ, USA. The group sings chants, rounds and songs of cultures and traditions from around the world. The emphasis of the chorus is on using the natural voice and learning songs the way our ancestors learned them for untold millennia: by singing them.

The chorus includes women who have sung in other choruses as well as a current majority of women who love to sing and have never before sung in an organized group, or even considered themselves "singers." Performing in community settings is optional, though encouraged.

New members are welcome!

All women and girls (when accompanied by a singing adult) are encouraged to join the chorus. No auditions, sight-reading or experience is required. More. . .

Why is singing in a chorus important?

The act of singing has a powerful ability to heal and to nurture self-confidence. There are many stories among our members that can attest to this. As one saying goes, “Music is too important to be left to the professionals.” The Tucson Women’s Chorus is proof of this from its inception as a “grassroots chorus” for all women and girls wishing to sing, regardless of experience.

The open-to-all attitude carries over to our concerts since we do not sell tickets, asking only for donations at the door. No one is turned away.

2015-11-20: Klara Dannar, a former chorus member and skilled videographer, created this video as a gift to our founder and director, Karleena Ravenwood. Karleena was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks into the 2015 Fall Series and had to drop out to undergo treatment. The chorus has continued with the able direction of one of its members.

Click on the image below to view the video.


Get well, Karleena!


Oct 20, 2013: Karleena Ravenwood, Founder and Director of the TWC, was interviewed by Fred Ronstadt for the Fred & Jeff Show that aired on Sunday, October 20, 2013, 11-12pm on radio station KQTH 104.1 FM.

Listen to the interview (mp3: 47 Min, 22MiB).
The interview starts at time 34:16.

Mar 31 2012

twc at the World Wildlife Fund's "Earth Hour" event - Mar 31, 2012

Chorus America Survey: Chorus Impact Study

June 2009: Adults who sing are remarkably good citizens. Here are some examples as proof of that:

TWC at The Fountains

twc performance at “The Fountains at La Cholla.” Catherine Shaw (right) directing.  Apr 23 2016

Holiday performance at Midvale Manor with interim conductor Catherine Shaw (far left in middle row) - Dec 5, 2015

Tucson Botanical Gardens’ “Luminaria Nights” - Dec 6, 2014

Tohono Chul’s "Holiday Nights" - Nov 23/24, 2012

May 5 2012

Friends and Family Spring Concert - May 5, 2012