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Natalie Killom

Hi, I'm Natalie Killom, Artistic Director for Tucson Womens Chorus.


I couldn't be more proud to be part of this amazing group of women singers! If you're considering joining us you will not be disappointed. We're a fun and diverse group and every single woman loves singing.

If you have questions or concerns please email us at: for a quick reply or phone call.


Stay safe. Be well. Keep Singing!



We are thrilled and fortunate that Natalie Killom has been our Artistic Director since Fall 2021.  She came to us with a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Arizona in Vocal Studies and 8 years of choral teaching and directing experience, including 3 years at Salpointe High School, and 5 years with the Tucson Girls Chorus.  Currently, she is the music teacher at Prince Elementary in the Amphitheater School District.

As important to us as her experience and expertise, however, is her willingness to be creative and bold in selecting series themes and music.  Gently nudging us to further reflection and conversation about our themes, she has helped deepen our sense of community as well as our own commitment to TWC’s mission and values.

Her series theme “Climb: Then, Now, Next” integrated folk, gospel, pop and other musical traditions, and challenged us to incorporate body percussion in our 2 performances—many of us for the first time.  We did pretty darned well, and, well, we couldn’t stop smiling about it!  

This Fall our theme is “Sing for Justice!” and Natalie’s musical choices are fearless and bold, helping us better see and feel injustices not only elsewhere in the world, but close by in our country.  This music is full of heartfulness, sometimes soulful, and sometimes soul-rattling (as an honest cry for justice must surely be). It also enables us to appreciate the haunting beauty and power of humanity’s deep desire for peace.  

A word from our President...

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