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Photo of Carol.

Carol Evans, President

I joined TWC in 2019, eager for the experience of making music with others.

What I didn’t anticipate was that the artistic directors could identify themes and choose music that was so inspiring, moving, and relevant to my life.  

These things, and the deep pleasures of friendship and community, have sealed my commitment to the chorus.  I also enjoy many outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and gardening.

Michelle Yauger photo.jpeg

Michelle Yauger

I have been a member of TWC since 2017 and joined the Board in 2021.

While growing up, I enjoyed singing in choirs at church and school (except for that disastrous solo of Elton John’s “Your Song” in 8th grade). For most of my adult life I only sang in the car and in the kitchen, where the audience was usually kind, if somewhat captive.

Since joining TWC, my confidence and vocal skills have expanded, and I have seen those changes spill over into the rest of my life. Each series I learn music from a variety of styles and cultures, all culminating in the joy of performing for an audience much larger than I could ever fit into my kitchen. 

Barbara Rose Photo  2021 (2).jpg

Barbara Rose Gaynor

I have loved to sing since longing to be one of the Lennon Sisters back in the day.  Every chance to be in a choir or chorus, repertory theater, and just singing along with recordings has brought me joy.  

Now with Tucson Women’s Chorus for 5 years I am finding the deepening of my love of vocal music through the heartfelt programs we put together. I am also a lover of nature and animals and am honored to be in my first year as a Board of Directors member.

Headshot_Crystal Dillahunty_Land Resources.jpg

Crystal Dillahunty

Crystal Dillahunty joined TWC in 2022.

She finds singing to be a powerful, fun, and beautiful way to connect with others, while also being restorative and healing.

She volunteered to serve on the Board as a way to support and promote the wonderful people and musical experience of TWC. 

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